Sunday, January 29, 2012

TpT: Ways to Help Planet Earth and a Freebie

Sorry to break the two posts in a day rule but I just wanted to let my Treasures Reading Series friends know I just uploaded my small group resource packet for A Way to Help Planet Earth!

Since it's a Time for Kids Week, I know I'll be doing lots more with my leveled readers.  Click on the TpT logo to head over to my store and check it out! :)

I know many of my Treasured friends don't use Treasures, so I pulled a Freebie out of my packet for you.  This review game reinforces the variant vowels OO and OU.  :)  Click {here} to download "Three in a Row!" To play, have students put the ou/oo words on the game board in the boxes and then spin the spinner.  If it lands on OO, then the students cover up an OO word, etc.  A student wins when they get three variant vowels in a row! :)

On a unrelated note, where did the weekend go? So not ready for Monday!


  1. Bleh! Week 3! At least these make it look like more fun. Have you seen the Scrappin Doodles recycle clip art? I've stuck that on all my center activities to jazz it up a little. =)

    Second Grade Silliness 

    1. I have! However, I'm on clip art hold right now. If I don't budget a certain amount to spend in a month, I can go crazy! :)

  2. I tagged you! Come on by my blog and check it out! :) Have a great week!!!


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