Sunday, January 29, 2012

TpT: Ways to Help Planet Earth and a Freebie

Sorry to break the two posts in a day rule but I just wanted to let my Treasures Reading Series friends know I just uploaded my small group resource packet for A Way to Help Planet Earth!

Since it's a Time for Kids Week, I know I'll be doing lots more with my leveled readers.  Click on the TpT logo to head over to my store and check it out! :)

I know many of my Treasured friends don't use Treasures, so I pulled a Freebie out of my packet for you.  This review game reinforces the variant vowels OO and OU.  :)  Click {here} to download "Three in a Row!" To play, have students put the ou/oo words on the game board in the boxes and then spin the spinner.  If it lands on OO, then the students cover up an OO word, etc.  A student wins when they get three variant vowels in a row! :)

On a unrelated note, where did the weekend go? So not ready for Monday!


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