Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015 Teacher Tool Gift Exchange Linky

Hello, friends! I'm so excited to have some free time this week, so I can share with you a little bit about my recent trip to French Lick, Indiana for the 2015 Spring Teacher Blogger Meet Up!  
Today I wanted to share with you the fabulous gift I took home from our Teacher Tool Gift Exchange.  

Everyone who attended the meet up was asked to bring their favorite teacher tool for a gift exchange.  At the meet up, they separated us into grade level groups to exchange and share our gifts.  I LOVED seeing everyone's gifts, and add several new items to my Amazon wish list on the spot!  You can check out what I took to the meet up as my favorite teacher tool kit {here}.  So glad you liked the markers, Cindy! 

After playing a fun "swap" game, we were to open our goodies. I was lucky enough to receive a fabulous gift bag from The Primary Gal! 

The Primary Gal

There were so many fun and thoughtful goodies inside! 

Amanda shared with me that she always loves to have a cute box of Thank You cards in her desk at school.  I typically have some on hand as well, but they aren't this cute! :) I love them! 

I have also been using the Sharpies almost daily since I got home from French Lick a lot because they match my classroom perfectly! :) The colors are also perfect for spring!

There were also a few fun post notes in her gift bag as well! :) 

I have been using the hand print post it notes to write encouraging "high five" notes to my students.  I plan on using the thought bubble ones during my "reading is thinking" lesson at the next year.  

She even included a package of Reece's Peanut Butter Eggs in her gift as well! They are my favorite Easter candy and I had to carefully hid them from my husband when I got home! Thank you so much, Amanda for the thoughtful and generous gift!

The Teacher Tool Gift Exchange was just one of the fabulous parts of my weekend in French Lick and I can't wait to share the rest of my trip with you soon! Many thanks to my sweet friend, Christina, for hosting this fun link up! :)  I highly encourage you to click around on the links below to see some of the other posts. I did earlier this week and found some great Christmas/birthday gift ideas for my teacher friends at school!

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