Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Love, in the eyes of some nine year olds

The year I got engaged, I had the sweetest of sweetest classes.  We all got along, we laughed and we had fun together every day.  It was the best.  From the moment I told my kiddos I was engaged, they were all about my wedding.  Especially my girls.  They wanted to know all about my dress.  My hair, my make up.  My boys that year were very protective of their teacher and wanted to make sure their teacher's future husband was a good kickball player and scooter racer.  Yes, my dear husband volunteered at our fun and field day that year.  It was the best.  My boys sneakily signed up my fiance at the time to be part of a field day relay.  :)  By the way, he did a great job.  

Since I couldn't invite my class to the wedding, I had them answer some questions about love and marriage for me.  Then I put one of their quotes at each seat at our reception.  It was honestly, one of my very favorite things about our wedding.  :)

Since Valentine's Day is coming up and my brain is fried, here are some of my favorites. :)  Although, I love, love, love them all.

Miss _____ should always take care of the house because in one episode of I Love Lucy they switched jobs, and it went out of control!

Love is what makes people get married.

   I think marriage is cute and romantic.   

   Mr. ________ should always spend lots of time with his wife.

Mr. _____ should always give Miss _______ a foot massage.

Before you leave, kiss goodbye.
Mr. _____ and Miss ______ are perfect for each other because they are very tall. 

Love is important.

Marriage is a nice thing.

Mr. ________ and Miss ______ are perfect for each other because they both love pizza.

Always make sure you have fun together.

Never give up on each other.

Marriage is a huge voyage you commit to.
Mr. ______ should always love his special someone. 

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do! They were a huge hit at our wedding and I when I'm having a bad day, I'll bring the file up on my computer.  It always makes me smile! :)
Hope you all are having a wonderful evening!  The end of our quarter was today, so I'm grading, grading and grading some fact fluency assessments, phonics assessments and language assessments.  Oh and I'm at a PD tomorrow for the Common Core.  Yay for sub plans! Okay, not really.  I really dislike sub plans. 

I'm working on some activities for telling time to the five minutes and hope to have them posted soon.  The clock clip art I purchased is being a big ole pain! 


  1. Oh my goodness, this gave me goose bumps. I adore this idea and I am stealing it for my wedding! This is the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

    Randi @ Teach It With Class
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  2. I'm stealing this too for that special day of mine. I love it!
    Forever in First

  3. Those are too cute! The year I got married I taught fourth grade, and when I returned to school after taking a week off they had also written me some "marital advice." My favorites were "Make your new husband chocolate chip pancakes every morning," "Let him play golf whenever he wants," and "Let him watch football every Sunday." Those were the funny ones. Yours are so sweet and I love your idea of putting them at the tables at your wedding! I wish I had of thought of that! :) Have a great Thursday!

  4. I am glad that I found your blog. Melisa


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