Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Author's Purpose {Freebie}

Happy Leap Day! I hope you all had a great day! I certainly did, and it was much needed.  I got a new student yesterday and the rest of my friends interpreted that to mean "Let's act real crazy and scare our new friend."  

Okay, it wasn't that bad.  But whenever your typically sweet class has such a difficult time following simple directions all day, it's always makes you leave school whispering "Did today really happen? Or was it a really bad dream and I'm just now waking up?" 

Today we got back in our groove and I was so, so glad!   We've been focusing on author's purpose this week and I've been loving it.  For some reason, I really love teaching author's purpose and my kids LOVE it this year.   

We turned our introduction story from our weekly Treasures story into an anchor chart and we've been referring to it all week.

 I also created a little parking lot for them to "park" their examples of each part of the author's purpose "pie" using some awesome signs I downloaded from Mrs. Gilchrist's Class

My kiddos really loved this and we're on our second piece of construction paper for entertain.  It's got them thinking about the skill beyond our weekly story and has sparked some great conservations about books!

Oh, and I've got a little freebie for you.  When doing author's purpose, I like to have my friends read the entire selection and then determine the author's purpose.  Then they use details from the story to support their answer. 

 Click on the image above of {here} to download your own FREE copy! :)

Also, in honor of Reading Counts week, each classroom was asked to decorate our doors with our favorite books.  I was a rebel and put mine outside my room.  My kids and I loved this Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake from A Cupcake From the Teacher:) 

I finally got smart and ran the templates through the copy machine on colored paper and this activity came together in a snap.  Although, I should have made the base of the cake red instead of orange.  Oh well,  they're still adorable!

 Since it was 60 degrees outside today, I also decided to down my winter accents, I can't say bulletin board board because I don't have a bulletin board, and hang up my spring ones! :)  

Hope ya'll are having a great night!  Don't forget, there is still a little under two hours left in the TpT Leap Year sale!  :)  

It's the perfect time to pick up with this little unit
Which sadly, I have NO pictures of because my sub on Friday decided to send my kiddos' Gallon Guys/Gallon Girls home with them, even though I said not to.  They came out SO cute and it really helped the concept stick!  So bummed.  So if your kiddos make Gallon Girls and Gallon Guys, could you email some pictures my way at storiesfromsecond  at gmail  dot com?  I'd love to post some kid examples in my listing/blog! 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Leap Day Sale

Hi friends! It's 11:05 and I'm just getting home for the day.  I just wanted to pop in and say "I MISS YOU" and I'm participating in the BIG TpT sale tomorrow! :)  I've linked up with Farley and friends and I can't wait to load up my cart with goodies!

Everything in my store will be 20% off and don't forget the special TpT coupon code for an additional 8% off in honor of leap day!

Click {here} to head straight to my Teacher's Pay Teachers store!

Tomorrow I'll be back with some Author's Purpose fun from my room! My kids are LOVING author's purpose! 
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