Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adding Multiples of Five FREEBIE

Three things tonight:

1. Can you believe that it's only Tuesday?  I know me either.  I have so much still to do for this week and it's this week.  EEEKKK! I'm going to be working, working, working until Teen Mom tonight.  Clearly, I have my priorities.  

2. Don't forget my TpT store sale is going on until Midnight! :)

3.  While playing Get to 100, a game from our math program that has students add multiplies of 5 to Get to 100, today I realized several of my sweeties need some extra TLC when it comes to adding multiples of five.   So I created this little game for them and thought I'd share it with you. :) Tomorrow we'll be playing this game and then changing the game to Get to 50 for some of my friends until their skills of adding multiples of five becomes a bit more solid. 

I have uploaded this goodie to my Teacher's Pay Teachers store for ya'll for FREE. :)  All I ask if you download a copy is that you follow my blog or my TpT's store.  As always, if you like what you've downloaded positive feedback is always welcomed. :)

Click on the TpT logo to head to my store and pick up your copy! 

Tomorrow is Wednesday! Woohoo! :)  Enjoy your evening friends!


  1. Just found your blog! Cute penguin activity! I am following you now. :)
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  2. Thanks for the freebie! My kiddos can definitely use the practice! Hope you had a great day!!!! PS- I love Teen Mom too!!! :-)

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