Sunday, January 4, 2015

Fourth and Ten at Home: Winter Break Projects

Hello! Like many of you, I'm savoring my last few moments of Winter Break.  

My husband is at work today and I'm cuddled up on the couch marathon watching "The Office" like it's my job.  It is in one word, perfect. 

In a little bit, I'll get my teacher bag out of my office and organize the mess that it is.  I'll review this week's lesson plans, and grade a few papers.  Most of all, I'll savor the fact that the house is clean and the laundry is caught up because I know that after tomorrow it probably won't be until spring break.

Today, I want to share a few projects I tackled at home over break with you. Thus the reason for the post title "Fourth and Ten at Home." I used to have a home blog back in the day and I miss it a lot.  I don't have the time to keep with up with more than one blog right now, so I hope you don't mind me sharing an occasional recipe or home project from time to time with you to get my "fix".

I am not naturally a very organized person, and neither is my husband.  Thankfully there are blogs like I Heart Organizing and Two Twenty One to help a girl like me along. 

One project I wanted to tackle over Winter Break was organizing our catch all cabinet.  This cabinet holds our medicines, dog treats, serving platters, mail supplies, etc. 

I made some labels and shopped my house for some baskets/containers to organize everything in our catch all cabinet. 

There are still a few things in the cabinet that need a home but it's way better that what it was! :) 

I've also been using essential oils for the past few months.  They have helped my out my sinuses so much.  However, the only thing I have hated about using them was that I didn't have a great way to store them! Luckily I found some containers at The Container Store that were perfect! 

I used a lipstick holder for the 5ml bottles and a nail polish holder for the 15ml bottles and the glass bottles I put my carrier oils in. If you're interested in essential oils, feel free to email me. :) 

I also worked on adding some character to our kitchen.  We had our house painted a few years ago and hung some curtains, but many rooms are missing that "finishing" touch.  I hope to change that in 2015. 

One thing I wanted to add to our kitchen was a little coffee station.  

Luckily, Hobby Lobby was really good to me last week! I was able to get the metal basket and picture frame for half off.  The "But First, Coffee" print was purchased {here} and printed off at Walgreens.  This whole project cost a little more than $10 but added so much character, and much needed organization, to my kitchen.  I just love it!

We also have a ledge that separates our kitchen and our morning room, dinning area. I felt it needed a little TLC too and I love how it came together! I already had the green mason jar and the print was from Meijer of all places, and the frame was from Hobby Lobby.  The picture is one of my favorites from our wedding and I love looking over at it while I'm doing the dishes. 

We also had a blank wall that really needed a little something.  We've looked and looked but never really found anything we loved.  We went to Columbus over break and found this sign at a little shop called Celebrate Local and knew we had to have it.  I love looking at it every morning.  It has such a positive message. 

I paid a little attention to our entry way as well. 
I printed all the eighteen25 subway art prints off at Costco a few years go but for some reason, never switch them out.  I'm trying this year to actually keep them current because they do add a little "something" to our entry way. 

Yes, that is a turkey on my blog in January.  We have hosted Thanksgiving for the past two years.  I used the same core recipes both times but they weren't organized at all.  In fact, the printed copies were all over my cookbook basket.  So I made a cute cover, paper clipped them all together, and I'm already to go next year! 

I also picked up a little wicker tray at Hobby Lobby for our TV remotes.  It's literally been the best $5 I have spent lately. The hubs and I have actually done a good job at keeping our remotes inside it. Usually we have to spend a few minutes searching the family room and couch cousins before we can actually watch TV. 

 I also worked on thank you notes for my students. I have found that it's really hard for me to actually get them to my students before we go on break.  Call me crazy, but I just love to spend time with my kids that last day of school before break begins. Usually, I spend an hour or so over on my holiday thank you notes on day while I watch TV/bowl games etc.  This allows my notes to be a little bit more personalized. This template is one of many from my newest pack, Editable Winter Themed Homework Passes and Thank You Notes

They fit, once trimmed, in standard No. 6 3/4 envelopes,which you can find at any retailer.  I like to mail them to my kiddos but that is totally up to you. :) 

My Buckeyes also played in the Sugar Bowl.  So January 1st's projects were all about the Buckeyes. We had some friends and family over. So I made buffalo chicken sliders. They were yummy and delicious. I used {this} recipe.

One of my sweet students got me those paper towels. I think they they brought good luck, so I'll have them out next Monday too.  I bought Cheryl's cookies for all the humans and homemade script Ohio treats for my dogs. We all had a great time eating and cheering for our Buckeyes together. 

I lost my voice during the game, I was a little excited, and I am now trying to think of ways to fit in my dad's luggage since he is going to the National Championship in Dallas.  #jealous

The best part of break though was just spending lots of time with my husband. He was actually on winter break from school too, he goes to college and works full time, which never happens. We had so much fun over break together.  It has been a stressful few months for both of us and carefree time together was just what we needed. 

I hope that you had a wonderful break, teacher friends.  May your coffee be strong tomorrow and your day feel short! 

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