Sunday, January 22, 2012

Teacher's Pay Teachers: Math is Sweet

Well, after many hours at the computer, my Valentine's Day Math Centers are complete!  I'm doing the happy dance as I type and you read! 

Click {here} or on the picture above to head to my Teacher's Pay Teacher's Store for more details! I'll be back later today, it's just after midnight as I type this with a little Powerpoint Tutorial. :)

Oh and the first person who comments below gets a copy for free.  It pays to be a night owl. ;)

Edit, I totally forgot to upload your freebie! Please forgive me! :) Click {here }to download your freebie from my Math is Sweet unit! :)


  1. This looks amazing!!!

  2. Oh, shucks! I'm number three!! I guess I wasn't up early enough!! :) The unit looks great, Lisa. Thank you for sharing!

    Learn, Laugh, Grow

  3. I just put it in my TpT cart!!! Thanks for all of your hard work- my students and I are very appreciative!!! :-) Also, how do you make that cute preview of the pages in your unit...? Thanks again! Have a great Sunday!!!

    1. I'm sure that there is a much better way to do this but I take screen shots of the pages when I view it in a PDF and then resize and arrange on a Powerpoint slide. Then I save the slide as a png or jpeg file.

      Hope this helps!

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