Thursday, June 14, 2012

Window Shopping: Polka Dot Edition

I meant to post this yesterday, but I just got so, so excited about my new look.  A day later, and I still can't stop looking at it.  :) 
I'd like to introduce you to a new summer feature on my blog called Window Shopping.  This series is perfect for me right now because well even though I want to try a million different Pinterest/Blog inspired things for my classroom, I can't right now, and well it's kinda driving me bonkers.  The main reason I can't get my craft on is that I moved classrooms when I changed grades, and the dimensions/overall feel of my new room is very different than my old room.  Plus I still need to go through and purge unnecessary things that the previous teacher left behind. Like baby food lids, broken calculators, etc.  ;) The custodial staff won't be done cleaning my room until mid July, and I want to get a good feel for my room and the layout I want before I take on any projects. 

So even though I can't make any of the gazillion classroom crafts I've pinned right now, that certainly didn't stop me from going to one of my favorite stores, Hobby Lobby, and window shopping for inspiration for my new classroom! I've always had a stars and stripes themed classroom, which I loved, but after five years I wanted something different.  I have lots of red and blue painted furniture, so I'm going with a primary polka theme.  

Hobby Lobby certainly had a many, many, many polka dot themed items around their store.  Most didn't fit my theme, for which my husband is very grateful. :)

I'm loving the tall pink polka dot container above, and think it would be perfect for a class set of rulers.  The small polka dot buckets would be perfect for classroom supplies at tables, or at your teacher desk or small group table.  I just adore the polka dot office supplies I found, and I love how the clipboard is actually a portfolio with a notepad!

Again, there were lots of great polka dot items in the office supplies, and I love, love, love the desk organizer in the top left hand corner.  One of my first projects this summer will be using scrap paper to classy up the tool organizer I have in my classroom, and I think the color kaleidoscope color pack will be perfect! There were lots of other paper packs available.  I just snapped a pic of some that I thought would go with the themes I've seen popping up on blogs and Pinterest lately for those of you who aren't feeling the dots.  Of course, how can you classy up your tool organizer or plastic drawers without spray paint?  Hobby Lobby certainly had quite the collection!  They even had magnet paint, which I plan on using to make some magnet surfaces for my Daily Five word work.  :)
I have lots of red milk crates around my room to store various math manipulatives, and I plan on freshening them up this summer with some labels and ribbon.  I'm thinking I'll use one of the wider blue ribbons above.  One of the real reasons I headed to Hobby Lobby was to check out fabric so I could make a new set of classroom curtains.  However, the primary colored options they had were a bit disappointing. :(  However, let me tell you the green, blue, and brown fabrics on the bottom would go perfect with Jodi's Thirty One Inspired Down to Earth classroom theme. 

Plus there were lots of other random polka dot items around the store.  The adorable chalkboard and baskets, made me seriously think about throwing practicality out the window and just going with a light blue, pink, and green polka theme.  I use a fun paper to send my welcome back letters on, and loved the selection at Hobby Lobby.  The Hoot, Hoot paper pack not only had cute owl paper, it also had some darling polka designs as well.  :)

By the way, Hobby Lobby did not compensate me or pay me at all to do this post. ;) I just really happen to like their store. :)

I hope you enjoyed window shopping with me.  Next week, I'll be going on a window shopping trip to Ikea! :) Also, don't forget that you can like Fourth and Ten on Facebook!


  1. I LOVE everything you just posted. My bank account is lucky that our closest Hobby Lobby is 20 minutes away and I don't travel that far alone. haha

    I'll be in trouble this summer if there's one on the way to my new school though.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love Hobby Lobby! That fabric is amazing! This is a great feature!

    Swimming into Second

  3. I'm loving your new blog look. I'm wanting to go with polka dots on my blog too. Yours is so cute.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Hobby Lobby, too! :) You have such cute ideas!! I need to take a trip there soon! I am working on re-vamping my room into a blue and green theme!

  5. Love your new blog, friend! Super-cute! And I'm so happy to find someone else as OBSESSED with polka dots as me! I just love them! And I could spend every paycheck in Hobby Lobby. Oh my word. Hey, quick question for you. I know you are switching grade levels, too, so when you changed your blog address, I'm assuming you kept all your followers? I'm guessing so, considering I'm still following you! I just want to make the transition easy. Thanks! :)

  6. Thank you, thank you for this post!! I do have a red, black, and white polka dot theme going on with pirates & I love these. I'm so happy that they just opened a Hobby Lobby down the road from our house!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  7. This is such a fun post and a great idea!! I LOVE that clipboard!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love all your polka dot finds! I think they are {finally} opening a Hobby Lobby near me and I can't wait to visit it!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  9. Ugh...Hobby Lobby is almost an hour away from me... I would totally drive there now and buy that owl paper... I don't need it, I just want it!!! I heart HL by the way, how can you be a teacher and not?

    Following Optimism in 2nd Grade

  10. Polka Dots galore!!!!!! love it!


    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class
    PS I'm having a linky and would love for you to join!

  11. I love Hob-Lob... Have been trying to get my hubby to work there so I get a discount... yep, I'm that obsessed!

    I am also doing something w/ polka dots. Will have to go check it out :)

    Thanks for the post!

    Every New Beginning

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