Friday, June 1, 2012

The Friday Five...Vol 1

PTL! My classroom is finally all moved, my school order is complete, and I only have to go back to school to drop off my classroom key next week!  I'm excited! Now I finally get to enjoy my summer.  Although I'm sure it will be a very busy one, with learning a new curriculum, creating new products, and preparing for our upcoming move.  

In between all the a/v cart moving this week, I've become even more of a Pinterest junkie, and here are my five favorite pins this week!

1. {yellow and gray bedrooms}
 I love, love everything about this room.  Especially the bedding, however, we have much darker furniture like the one in the second picture.  Either way, I adore the combination of gray and yellow together.  

Source: via Stella on Pinterest

2. {hacked hardware store storage}

How genius is this? I've seen storage organizers from the hardware store updated with scrapbook paper many times, but oh my goodness, spray painting the units makes them look so sleek and sophisticated.  I've had one of these on my desk for years, and brought it home today to make it over!

3. {multiple choice sticks}

I do a lot of formative assessing by having my kiddos respond to multiple choice questions with sign language, but I love this idea too.  I especially love that it has number options too. 
I also love these finger print choice cards that Amanda shared from Angela Bunyi.

I'm lucky enough that I have a set of Senteo clickers for my Smartboard but they aren't always the best when you want to do a quick, on the fly review!

4. {this summer scheduling organizer}

Like many other teachers, I have a to do list a mile long for school and for home.  So I LOVE this awesome and FREE summer scheduling resource that Nicole from Rowdy in Room 300 posted to TpT!

5. {this picture}
Source: via Lisa on Pinterest

There simply are no

I hope everyone is enjoying your Fridays!  What's something you're loving this weekend, leave a comment below, or make your own Friday Five post and leave a link to it in the comments, I'd love to check out your Friday Five! :)


  1. Tanks for linking up the summer organizer. I love it and am glad I found your blog:)


  2. I love the gray and yellow too!!!! That's what I'm going to paint our spare bedroom!!!! :) Have a great week and happy summer to you!!!! :-)

  3. I'm a new follower. I love the hardware organization! Come by and say hello.

    April @ The Idea Backpack

  4. Yellow and gray look beautiful together! Love that storage drawer organizer!
    Conversations in Literacy

  5. LOVE the hardware's just gone on the top of my to-do list. Also, that picture at the end?? Priceless. hah


    The Quirky Apple

  6. This news is the most important thing. Carli


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