Monday, June 4, 2012

My List of Rockin' Resources

This morning, I'm linking up with the sweet Kelly at the Teacher Idea Factory for her first linky party.  What a perfect idea for a linky party, as so many of us are wrapping up the year and putting in our orders for next year!  

There are lots of resources that I love in my classroom, but here would be my top five all time, can't live without items! :)

1. {my library}

  I have a pretty large library that I'm very proud of! Over the past five years, I've collected lots of books from Goodwill, Scholastic book orders, and donations from my student's families.  I always put a blurb in my welcome back packet about how if their family has any books at home they would like to donate, our room would greatly appreciate it.  

2. {chart paper}
My students and I are always making an anchor chart for something, so I always have several tablets of chart paper on my classroom order.  

3.  {my smartboard}

I use my Smartboard all day, and love everything about it.  I have a set of Sento clickers for my Smartboard but I don't use them as much as I would like.  

4. {my organization station}
I have my students turn in their work into their pockets when I'm collecting work for a grade.  I LOVE it.  Mine is labeled by number so I don't have to change the names each year.  On days where we have multiple tests, I just quickly pull the papers out and paper clip them together before they turn them in!

5.  {clipboards} and {dry erase boards}

I love to get my students up and out of their desks, so we use clipboards and work around the room a lot.  We use our clipboards daily!
I use dry erase boards a lot too, but this year my littles couldn't handle it.  They wanted to scribble all over their boards instead of do math work or would never put the lids on their markers properly, meaning I was constantly giving out new markers.  So I stopped using them, but I'm looking forward to *hopefully* using them a lot next year!

 What items are a must have for you in your classroom?  Link up and share!


  1. Clip boards are the BEST! I wouldn't be able to run half the stuff I do in my class without them. Great call!!! Thanks so much for joining the PAR-TAY. I loved reading about your "must have" items! Happy Thursday :)

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

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