Monday, June 18, 2012

Place Value Block {A Math Craftivity}

My district is doing a staggered implementation of the common core.  Fourth grade will start the process of researching the standards and aligning the common core with our current curriculum resources, as well as piloting new math programs.  We use a very, very, very old edition of Investigations and it covers less than 40% of the common core, so a new program is very much needed.  I will begin teaching the Common Core standards next year. 

Anyhoos, one of the standards I need to cover with my little people this upcoming year is to read, write, represent, and compare whole numbers through the millions.  The teacher I am replacing has graciously left me all her files, and they've been a great starting point for planning, but I still want to put my own creative twist on our Place Value Unit, which is our first unit of the year.  

I've pinned many place value resources, and loved a representation I saw of place value as a house.  I took the idea and ran with it, and came up with a little math craftivity. 

This little craftivity allows you to use all the pieces together to make one big place value house, or just a few pieces to make a smaller place value house,  so it's perfect for many grade levels, not just fourth graders! :) I also made one house that has the millions, thousands, and ones on it, for those of you who would rather have your kiddos make one house, rather than three. :)

Once your students have decorated their houses and generated a number for their house (I've included ways your students can generate the numbers to use), they represent the number on their house in word, number, and expanded forms.  So it's a cute little formative assessment.  Cute and formative, that's a win, win. :)

I'm planning on having my students color their place value houses on the white copy paper, so their personalities can shine through since we will be completing this the first week of school, but I imagine they would look great copied on construction paper.  Copying the templates on construction paper would be a great time saver too! :) My kiddos will also be gluing theirs onto a bigger piece of construction paper to create a little landscape and background, and once all their houses are complete, so we'll have an adorable Place Value Block! :)  Which I would have shown you today, but that would have been a whole lot of coloring for me. ;)

My Place Value Block Craftivity is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook stores.

I'll be giving away a FREE copy to the first two people who comment! :) Please leave your email address in your comment!


  1. This is adorable!

    April @

  2. Love the idea!

  3. This is so incredibly cute!

    sarahplumitallo @

  4. Gah! So cute! Can't believe I missed this one! (Note to self: keep google reader on ALL.THE.TIME!) Totally gonna pin this.

  5. This looks great! Place value is always something that needs to be worked on. And fresh new ideas always help. Boo for being late!

  6. So clever and creative! I am your newest follower! Lauren
    Teacher Mom of 3

  7. I LOVE this! Thanks! :)


  8. I love it! Just put it in my cart :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  9. I LOVE this idea and we are doing it tomorrow. I gave you and it a shout-out on my blog! Thanks so much, Lisa.

    The Brown-Bag Teacher

  10. Hoping to do this with my third graders as we prepare to soon be fourth graders. I think I'm going to have them order their place value homes once we get them all made. My kiddos are still struggling with the concept of number line so I thought we could make a little human one with all of our great numbers!

  11. Hi! How do you have the kids generate numbers for their houses? I can't find it anywhere...

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