Friday, May 4, 2012

May Currently and a little life update

It's time again for Farley's May Currently! I love, love, love this linky party, it always makes me smile, and I've been in need of smiles lately.  Thanks Farley for hosting!

 I loved the Pageant Title section! I am such a Control Freak at school, I hate things like letters and printables aren't "just right."  I often end up redoing things that my grade level sends out because I don't care/like the wording or font or clip art.  I'd really save myself A LOT of time if I weren't such a control freak!

It's been a really, really, really rough week for my family, so hearing that I won Primary Graffiti's Document Camera Giveaway made my week/month!  I am so pumped because everything I read is that the Luna is an awesome product and I hate scanning every single non digital worksheet I might have to display on the Smartboard to check it/model directions.  

We are down to 2 full weeks + a 3 day week, and I'm pumped. My friends are defiantly ready for summer.  My room doesn't have air conditioning and my kiddos behaviors have been really, really, really off this week.  We've had several days in the 80s with lots of humidity.  It's been no fun, no fun at all, for them or for me.  You see I don't glisten, I drip sweat, and I'm not a pretty sight at the end of school.  They're uncomfortable, I'm uncomfortable, and I'm hoping and praying for cooler temperatures for the next 13 school days!

Also, my husband and I have a prebuild conference for our new house on Monday, our builder starts digging on Tuesday! :) 

I am so happy that this cloud that has been following my family is starting to lift up and hopefully go away! 
This has been our mantra as of late:

Have a great weekend friends, I'll be back in to chat about my Teacher Appreciate Sales and random classroom happenings. :)


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