Sunday, May 20, 2012

End of the Year Student Gifts {Freebie}

Hi, friends! I'm taking a break from my end of the year "chores", RTI transition forms and report cards, to work on my kiddos' end of the year gifts.  Usually I give my kiddos books, but ordering from Scholastic just totally slipped my mind this year!

I decided to go with a bag of fun for my kiddos because so many of them just don't go outside and play! A lot of my kids live in rental properties with little place to play, so I complied a bag of goodies that they could play with outside with anywhere and that will hopefully give them at least an afternoon of fun, play time! 

 Inside I put a piece of sidewalk chalk, a watercolor paper, a glow stick (my friends went crazy for their glow stick Valentine's), a packet of Hawaiian Punch, a mini container of bubbles, and an animal squirt gun.  

 The watercolor activities come from Michaels, my kiddos have loved picking them out of the Treasure box this year.  They come 12 to a pack and are only $1.  I included a q-tip for them to use with their painting. 
 I also picked up this roll of goodness at Michaels today! It was on clearance for only $2.99 and I figured it might help with their gap times/with my fast flying finishers these last three days of school since copy paper is in short supply.  
 If you would like a copy of the label I used for my students, I have uploaded it to Google Docs.  Just click {here} or on the picture below to download.  

 I am linking this post up with Courtney's  End of the Year Gift linky party. Click on the link or the picture below to check out everyone's fabulous ideas!

Enjoy the rest of your Sundays, friends! :) If you download my gift tags, I'd love hear how you plan to use it! I'm always collecting ideas in my brain for next year! :)


  1. Hey Lisa! Thanks for linking up! Your gift seems like so much fun! I hope your kiddos love them!

    Swimming into Second

  2. What a cute student gift! I love the labels and the activity coloring sheet roll too for those last couple of days. I only have a couple of days left too.
    First Class Teacher

  3. Hi Lisa-
    It's nice to see teacher that take the time to appreciate their students and the school year. We featured your end of the year student gift @ theclassroomcreative. It posts tomorrow. Thanks, Karen & Nicolette

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