Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tell me more, tell me more!

Hello friends! I've had an influx of new followers lately, and I thought this link up with the sweet Amy Lemons would let all my followers know just a little bit more about me.   Hello new friends, I'm so happy you're here! :)

I'm a little late to the party, but I've taken a few days off blogging to focus on things for my classroom next year, in addition to my summer school teaching duties.  I'll be back to regular posting by the end of the week, but I couldn't resist linking up for this party! :)

1. My sweet husband and I will be married two years on August 6th.  We've been together for three years, and were engaged six months after we started dating.  We were both in our mid twenties when we met, and it was one of those "when you know, you know" things.  He's seriously my best friend,  and is currently back in school to finish his bachelor's degree.  I'm so, so proud of him. 
2. I am a HUGE Ohio State Football Fan.  

Nothing is better than a fall Saturday spent in Columbus at the Horseshoe watching my Buckeyes. In fact at my wedding, my dad and I did the traditional father daughter dance to "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw and then I surprised him with the DJ playing the "Buckeye Battle Cry" right afterwards.  :)  We were doing the O-H  I-O cheer all over our reception hall.

3. I love King of Queens. 
I watched King of Queens on and off while it was on the air, but really started to enjoy it when my husband was traveling for work a lot.  I would get the seasons at the library/Netflix and they kept me "company."  So when I saw the box set at Target for under $50, I thought it was the steal of a lifetime! I watch the DVDs daily!

4. I really LOVE coffee. 
Oh my word.  I really love coffee.  It doesn't even have to be the fancy stuff.  Just a decent ground coffee with a little milk and a sprinkle of cinnamon.  Although I do love mistos from Starbucks, a lot.   My first few years of teaching, I pretty much lived on coffee alone.  My maid of honor joked during her speech that "coffee runs through my veins."  

5. I love running, I just haven't done it in a long time! 
Three years ago, I ran the FULL Flying Pig marathon.  Full marathon people. 

The night before the race, I pulled a leg muscle in my sleep, not even kidding.  I got through the race okay, but any run after a week long rest time was awful.  A doctor advised me to rest some more and just do light impact walking.   Then I met my husband and started grad classes, and well...I stopped running frequently, or even really at all most of the time, even after the pain went away.  Now when I run, I get so frustrated with myself because  I keep thinking of what I used to be able to do back in the days where I was living at home, and fresh off a horrible breakup.  I just ran all the time, so of course I was good at it.  ;) I'm feeling a little "fluffy" lately, and so running and I need to become reacquainted again because it's honestly the only type of exercise I love.  

6. Organization comes so easy for me at school, but not at home. 
I love organizing things in my classroom, but I lack that drive/desire at home.  At school, there is always a container/bin you can re-purpose if you need to organize someething.  At home that requires a drive to Target or Ikea, I don't do Wal Mart...shudder..., and well after school I'm tired and it doesn't get done.  One day, I'll be organized at home too.  Until then, I'll just read Iheartorganizing and pinning away organizational ideas and pretend I'm that organized too!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me.  Head over to Amy's blog to read more about some of your other favorite bloggers!


  1. August 6th is a great day. It's my birthday :)

    It was great getting to know you better :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  2. Hi Lisa! I enjoyed getting to know more about you. I love King of Queens too. I watch it every night before I go to bed. I am also not organized at home and I don't do Walmart either. I just can't make myself go there. Target is my friend but we don't have an IKEA. I'm heading to Atlanta tomorrow to go to the IKEA there. I'm so excited!

    Swimming into Second

  3. I love King of Queens too!! It's such a hilarious show!! I loved getting to know more about you! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. Go Buckeyes! My dad was from Ohio, so I was raised on OSU football :)

    Fourth Grade Fanatics

  5. I enjoy reruns of The King of Queens, too!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  6. I enjoyed reading your list!

  7. Okay, I'm late- but my husband's from Cincinnati and we go down to visit pretty often :) I can't say I'm an OSU fan, though- go Big Ten, but go Boilermakers! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  8. Thanks for sending this message. Sophia

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