Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thursday Things

1. Have ya'll seen these things?  They always creep me out and I was surrounded them at Meijer today.  Not cool, not cool.
One year my grandma bought one for Easter.  Kinda like how I refuse to sit on the side of the tree with the creepy fake doves at Christmas, I refused to sit at the side of the table the creepy bunny cake was on.  I sure hope there isn't a creepy bunny cake at this year's Easter. 

2. I feel like I've done nothing this spring break.  I keep starting and stopping working on this unit.  Which I shamefully admit that there is not much there other than the cover page so far. 
I'm okay with that because the cover page sure is cute, and because this break has all about recharging.  

Have I told ya'll I got a new kid?  A new kid with a behavior file so big his old school had to send it via a CD from their imaging department.  A kid who on this second day of riding the bus, made the bus driver pull the bus over for screaming a word that starts with f repeatedly and was making threats towards another student.  A kid who on the one day I was out last week, spent most of the day in the office for using words that start with f, d, a, and s to the other kids in my class.  Bless the heart of my poor sub that day.  I'll just say this student has lots of boundaries in my room, a seat by himself, a spot on the carpet, and I'm his shadow the entire time he's in my room.   It's been exhausting.

3. I really wish The Loft would stop sending my emails, coupons, and flyers promoting their cute new clothes and tempting me with offers of sales.  I'm building a house and I need a lot of furniture to put in that house, and builds, and cabinet knobs, and lots ofter things that I'm I don't even know about yet.  So I really wish they would play their part and stop tempting me spend money.  Refreshing my spring wardrobe this year means spending $5 on new flip flops at Old Navy.  Brown and black basics, baby.  

4. Can we talk American Idol a minute?  I'm a big ole fan of Skylar. I love her spunk. 

I sat on my couch blubbering like a baby when she performed last night.   Not only is Beaches one of my Top 5 Favorite Movies Ever, but "Wind Beneath My Wings"is my family's tribute song for my grandfather who died of a brain tumor when I was a little girl.  So yeah, I voted for little Miss Skylar last night.  

Who's your favorite?

5. My grandma sent my husband and I $10 for Easter.  We used it go out for ice cream.  Yes, we're seven. 

6. I'm having a sale! Click {here} to check it out!

Enjoy your night friends! I'm off to make some cookies.  Clearly I have priorities. I have a big ole bag of school work I could work on, but instead I'm making cookies.  


  1. I love the cover of your new unit!!! And that's so cute you got ice cream with your 10.00 :) My fave on idol is the gal from San Diego. Enjoy your cookies!!!! Yum!!! :)

  2. My favorite is Skylar too! I also like the boy from Nashville! I grew up in Michigan and now live in Kansas and REALLY miss Meijer. There is no other store like it!!!!
    My coworker and I just started a second grade blog if you want to check it out!

  3. I tagged you! :) Come on by to check it out! And have a great Easter weekend!!! :)


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