Monday, April 2, 2012

April Currently :)

A little explanation on my super powers: 
As if you couldn't tell from my previous post, I'm just a little excited about our new house. :)  I wish that I had this upgrades superpower on Friday when we went to our builder's design center.  They offered 50% off upgrades up to a $15,000 discount and upgrades add up FAST and in most cases are overpriced.  We had to forgo things we really wanted (like granite in the kitchen and quartz in the bathrooms) to get things like a gas furnace, a better lot, an elevation change to better fit in the neighborhood, ceiling vaults, garage extension, and rod iron banisters.  Luckily, my aunt works for a marble/tile/granite company and can get us those items at a huge discount when we choose to make those upgrades later. 

This is the first year in my five years of teaching that I've been in a building without A/C and I've never realized how sensitive I am to tree pollens, since my windows are open all day.  I've spent the first three days of my spring break on the couch sniffling b/c my sinuses/allergies have flared up again, after being off for a day the week before with them.  Thankfully, with medication, they are under control again, but it's been miserable not being able to enjoy the gorgeous weather.  I have one little darling that might have to go on home instruction until the pollen regulates.  Her poor eyes water the moment she walks into to school and never stops.  I feel so bad for her! She's missed so much school lately because of her allergies over the past week. :(

Thanks again to our hostess, Farley for hosting this super fun linky! I always look forward to it each month! :) Plus this month, she hosting a cute lunch box give away!


  1. thanks for linking up at first I thought pollen count she must be in texas but then you have NO ac that could NOT be in texas!!!

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