Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Math Centers for Bigger Kids and a Freebie

Happy Wednesday! :)  I took advantage of my day off yesterday to finish up my Thanksgiving Math Centers.  I still have a center or two I'd like to add but Thanksgiving is coming fast, and I know many of you have been waiting for Thanksgiving's Math Centers. :)

Here they are! :) 
Click the cheerleader to check them out on TpT.  They are on sale until tomorrow at midnight! :) 
We started using them today and they were so excited. :)

This pack covers a little four digit addition and subtraction (with borrowing and regrouping), two digit by one digit multiplication, partial products (9x3=6x3+3x3) and multiplication facts.  

I haven't posted a freebie in a long time, which makes me sad because I LOVE sharing freebies with you.  My pack has a few roll and cover games for multiplication.  I took two out to make a freebie for you. 

 If you would like to download, just click on the cheerleader to check it out on TpT! If you download, I'd love to hear what you think! :)

I apologize if you tried to download this earlier and it wasn't working, there have been a lot of glitches and problems on TpT today.  Finally after trying my third browser, it worked! :) 

*EDIT: I have a ticket in with TpT about the issues people are having downloading this freebie, I am able to get it to download on Safari.  Chrome and Firefox are not working. Many have told me to refresh the page if it doesn't work and then try it downloading again and it should work in Chrome and Firefox!*

I'm off to finish conference forms! :) Have a great evening, friends! 


  1. Woo hoo! You are finished:)
    Looks great!!!

  2. I love your work! Feeling frustrated because I still cannot download your thanksgiving multiplication roll and cover activity! Help!

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