Monday, February 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Graphic Organizers: Try Them Before You Buy Them

Happy President's Day!  I am so thankful to have the day off today and am spending the day cleaning the house and watching the ice dancing long programs live, Olympic addict over here, and grading my classes' unit benchmark tests.  

I wanted to take a pause to share a freebie with you from one of my favorite packs, My Spring Graphic Organizers! It's amazing what a seasonal graphic or two can do to increase student motivation. :)

I have been very intentional with my instruction of reading strategies this year.  My graduate class this past summer focused greatly on applying reading strategies across a variety of subjects and disciplines.  

The thought process behind my professor's thinking was that if a child is strategic with their reading, they can tackle most of the standards they are expected to master with the new Common Core State Standards.  That doesn't mean I don't teach those skills/standards, I just reading strategies as a road map to get us there. Therefore, my seasonal graphic organizers focus mainly on reading strategies, not skills/standards from the Common Core.   

These seasonal graphic organizers are also great to use with Close Reading materials, especially for your students'/class' first read of a text, where they focus mainly on what the text was about such as: main idea, identify characters, problem, setting, and problem and solution. 

Since I love these so much, and so do my big kids, I wanted to share a few freebies from this pack with you to use with your students. Click {here} or on any of the pictures to download these four graphic organizers.  

Easter did come really early last year, so my first set of Graphic Organizers focused on St. Patrick's Day/Easter and the second was more generic with flowers, rain, Earth Day, and insects.  You can read more about those {here}.

Things will finally start to warm up a little bit in Ohio this week and I'm oh so excited.  I'm tired of scrapping my driveway all the time. :) To celebrate being off and warmer temperatures on the way, I'm putting my St. Patrick's Day goodies on sale today. 

Click on the image above or {here} to check out the goodies that are on sale today. :) 


  1. I'm really excited to try your organizers! I use Story Mountain all the time, but it just gets so messy :( The kids are going to love the pictures :) This first year for me in a HUGE testing grade level has been so stressful :( Has it been that way for you?

  2. Happy day off my friend!!!!!! Hope you're enjoying it with your pups and the Olympics! :)

  3. Thanks for sharing the freebies! Off to check out your sale!

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  4. I appreciate your creative graphic organizers. Thanks so much.


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