Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Graphic Organizers Set Two {Try it Before You Buy It}

So, I finally put the finishing touches on the second set of my Spring Graphic Organizers.  As Phil Robertson would say, "Good night a living...", this set took a long time.  I apologize for the delay sweet friends. Just like all of you, I've been swept up with my day to day teaching responsibilities, plus being a wife and dog mom.  Sometimes juggling it all means you  have to step back from one area to get everything else on track for a little while.  So I'm sorry this set is a little late, but hopefully you can still find this set useful! :)

Anyways, this set of organizers is insect, plants/flowers, Earth Day, and rainy weather themed.  Perfect for the last few months of school.  I use my seasonal organizers with pretty much with any book, not just with seasonal books. My big kids love them!

Click on the picture above or {here} to check them on TpT! 
Many of my sweet followers have commented that they use these organizers in their listening and partner reading centers, which I think is a fabulous idea! :)

I'm trying something new and letting y'all try out my graphic organizers before you buy the full set.  I have uploaded the following graphic organizers to my Google Drive to share with you!

Click on any of the pictures of {here} to download them!
The complete set has over 60 pages and has organizers for fiction and non fiction.  For each graphic organizer in the pack has three versions.  One that is flower or insect theme, one that is rainy day themed, and one that is Earth Day themed.  If you can't tell, I love a good theme. :)

If you download the freebie in this post, I'd love if you followed my blog or liked my blog's Facebook page. 

I'm off to hang out with the hubs and pups! Have a great night! :)


  1. We all understand! Thank you for letting us try some! They are adorable!
    ideas by jivey

  2. Thank you for the freebies! My kiddos will love them!!

    Teaching Tales Along the Yellow Brick Road

  3. Thanks for the chance to try before we buy :)

  4. I'm following you :-) Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you, thank you for the amazingly cute graphic organizer; we're focusing on problem/solution now so this is perfecto!! AND I found yet another blog to follow :)

  6. Just stopping by as I'm a FREQUENT follower and ALWAYS inspired by your cute creations! I would be honored if you would assist me in my upcoming giveaway. I'm planning to celebrate my birthday month and gaining 200 blog followers! If you're able to contribute, please shoot me an email at rivas423@gmail.com with a snapshot of your product and/or your blog button so I can send them over to visit your page as well! Anything end-of-the-year, May-themed, or just stinkin' cute would be great!
    Antonia @ forkin4th

  7. Thank you for sharing these and letting us try them out! I am new to blogging and love your blog. Thank you.

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