Monday, February 25, 2013

Crazy for Conversions: Measurement Fun

For the past few weeks we have been studying measurement in my little classroom, especially making conversions.  My students have done a great job and have impressed me so much. Our test is tomorrow, so I spent a little bit of time this weekend making a fun review game.

Below is just a little bit of a sneak peak! Included in this file are 20 activity/task cards for reviewing US Customary and Metric Conversions, although a few cards deal with selecting the proper estimate  for the length, weight, or capacity of an object. :) Below is a closer look of some of the included cards. :)

 The activity cards included in this pack are self checking.  All you need to do is fold on the dashed line and tape it to the back of the card.  My students LOVE whenever our activity cards are self checking.  However, you can just cut the answers off if you prefer. 

I try to incorporate cooperative learning into my classroom in every subject throughout the day.  So today, I had my students solve the problems on the cards in a Scoot/Move About Fashion with a partner.  However, each partner had to share their answer before flipping the card over and coach/teach each other if they got the problem right and their partner got it wrong.  I heard lots of great discussions/accountable talk today as my students were moving around the classroom.  Woohoo! :)

These cards would also be great as a center, a typical move about/scoot, and as partner of your teacher time during guided math/math workshop.  I have included several different suggestions for the use of these cards in the actual file as well. 

If you would like to check out Crazy for Conversions on Teachers Pay Teachers, click {here} or on any of the pictures in this post! 

I'm off to work on part one of my Spring Graphic Organizers, think bunnies and leprechauns! I WILL have it posted before the first of March. :)


  1. I absolutely love this pack, Lisa! You never cease to amaze me. And, what's better is my students LOVE seeing Fourth and Ten on papers. I love to tell them that I "know" you :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. Your packet looks fantastic!! I have to use the metric system all the time & it can be sooo confusing for my kiddos. Love your blog!
    Science for Kids Blog

  3. These cards look great! I am headed over to Tpt to purchase them! I love task cards like this when the weather is nice (especially in the spring!) We have a gravel track at our school that is about 1/8 of a mile around. I put 6-10 clipboards out evenly spaced around the track and have several task cards on each one. Pairs of students walk around with their own clipboards and solve the task cards together. They do one task card at each station. When they have gone completely around the track, they go around again and chose a different task card at each station. It is a great way to get kids outside and moving around, working cooperatively and enjoying the beautiful spring weather after months of being cooped up!

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  5. Thank you for sharing! Gotta give this to my kids.


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