Sunday, October 7, 2012

Boo Ha Ha {Halloween Math Centers for Older Kids}

We started math centers this week in my classroom.  We are currently working through my Back to School Math Centers

We have a daily math intervention class that I refer to with my kiddos as bonus math time.  I struggled last year with how to set up this time, but I think now we have a plan that works.  On Monday and Friday, I intervene with my whole class on current topics of study.  Right now, it's subtraction with regrouping. Our math program, Investigations, doesn't formally introduce the formal algorithm and so my kiddos really need a lot of extra practice with it.  We are finally getting it with three digits...and we are working on four digits next week. *Fingers crossed and prayers please* :)

On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, some of my kiddos receive intensive number sense interventions in another room, and I work with the rest of my class.  I use this time for reteaching on skills from previous lessons/units that some of my kiddos didn't master.  Last week, it was rounding larger numbers.  We used a lot of materials from my friend Layla's Halloween Number Sense Review Packet.  My kiddos loved all the Halloween themed number sense practice! :)

 Even though I had a good chunk of students who really needed extra practice and review on rounding, I had a cluster of kiddos who clearly mastered the skill, so they worked on centers during our bonus math time.  They loved it and so did I. :)  They're independent enough to read the directions and set up with little help from me, allowing me to really work with my friends who needed extra instruction on some more difficult place value concepts. 

My kiddos loved doing centers last week and more are eager to join in on the center fun next week.  We'll still be doing my Back to School Math Centers for another few weeks.  Then we'll be moving on to some Halloween math center fun! 
I know my kiddos will love these centers.  They adore anything having to do with Halloween. :)

These centers review rounding larger numbers, comparing numbers to the millions place, subtraction with regrouping practice, finding multiples of a given factor, and figuring out the missing factor in a multiplication equation.  

I have uploaded Boo! Ha Ha{Halloween Math Centers for Bigger Kids} to my TpT store.  They will be on sale until tomorrow night. :) Click on the cheerleader below to check them out! I'll be uploading them to Teachers Notebook tomorrow night.
 My Buckeyes beat the Huskers last night, so I'm a happy, happy girl! :) Here's hoping the Steelers win today too for the hubs. :) 

Since my Buckeye won, I'll be giving away a set of my Boo Ha Ha centers to the first person who correctly guesses my favorite fall baked good. :)


  1. Glad your having a great weekend!!!!!!! :-)

  2. Is your favorite fall baked good pumpkin pie....!?!? :)

  3. I don't eat lots of baked goods so I probably won't be good at this one haha but I am going to guess pumpkin cheesecake

  4. about apple crisp??


  5. I'm going to guess pumpkin muffins or pumpkin cupcakes. Love how you call it bonus math time :)


  6. Oh dear Lisa, that new unit looks adorable!!! I just love cute and educational..its the perfect combo!! :) I'm going to guess that it is... Sweet Potato Pie??

  7. Love, love, love your centers for big kids! Thanks for this packet. I love it :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  8. I will go with pumpkin bars...hopefully with cream cheese frosting! (Although last week I made pumpkin bars with a cream cheese swirl that were really good...even my cream cheese eschewing husband liked them!)

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  9. My guess will be apple pie. I love apple pie, but tend to only eat it during the Fall of the year. This center is so cute and it includes all the right skills for my 4th grade class.

  10. How about caramel apples?


  11. I'm going to guess pumpkin bread. :o)

    A is for Apple B is for Blog

  12. All the good ones are taken so I am going to guess - zuchinni bread?

  13. Love the math center ideas! I'm working out our math rotations still and how to integrate math interventions. I think these will be helpful! How about pumpkin cookies?
    Kathy :o)

  14. Hey Lisa,

    I’ve BOO-ed you, it’s this season’s blogger shoutout. Hop on over to my blog to check out the rules so you can spread on the BOOing love to other bloggers! I mentioned some of your products as some of my fav’s of new to me Halloween activities.

    Happy BOO-ha-ha-ing!



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  16. Thank you for sharing the idea. It's so lovely. It's Halloween again and I can't wait to try it.
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  17. Mega offer you described here. That was it !



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