Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's almost Friday!

It's almost Friday, friends! Woohoo! Although I bid my sweeties "goodbye" for the weekend today since I have a common core workday at our district office. Is it just me or are these short weeks crazy?  My friends bickered all week!  See this is what a snow day free winter does.  Kids don't get a break from each other and they fight, all the time.

Since I've been putting out fires and dealing with a piles of makeup work, I had six students absent last Friday, I haven't got my camera out at all this week. Plus it was a review week for our reading series so we could benchmark test.  Due to some family matters I didn't have time to make a super awesome review pack like I created for our last unit.  So I just pulled reviewed activities from various books I already owned.  It worked, my kiddos did great.  Sometimes simplicity is necessary.

However, I do have this funny to share.

Oh my gosh, I've spent way too much time watching Pittsburgh Dad videos on YouTube this week.  Clearly I have productivity issues. The Pittsburgh Dad videos are hilarious.  You don't even have to be from Pittsburgh to get the videos, I'm not but my husband is, because I guarantee everyone has someone in their family like Pittsburgh dad!

Although I did work on some parent resource goodies for my school's resource night that I can't wait to share with ya'll.   I also have some graphic organizers from our Treasure's stories from the past unit that I haven't shared with ya'll yet.  Get excited. :)


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