Thursday, August 7, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: August 6th

Helo! I wanted to link up with my sweet friend, Miss DeCarbo, last night but yesterday was our wedding anniversary!  :) So I'm linking up tonight, I don't think she'll mind. :)

Earlier this year, I went to a painting class with some of my friends.  While I had fun with the girls, it was a horrible experience for me.  The teacher moved too fast, stood in awkward positions that didn't allow me to see what she was doing, and played music a little too loud so I couldn't hear her directions clearly.  Additionally, there were "helpers" that walked around and rather than help me, they deflated me by saying things like "Just what are you trying to do here?"  I felt extremely frustrated the entire time.  The pace of the class was way too fast and I couldn't keep up. I was constantly several steps behind. I couldn't wait for it to be over. 

On the way home, it hit me.  The frustration I felt must be how some of my students, especially my strugglers, must feel on a daily basis.  Since my painting is what you would say beautiful, I was tempted to throw it away.  Instead, I hung it up in my classroom as a reminder.  As a reminder to slow down, to give clear directions, and to be patient with my students.  It reminds me daily just how frustrating learning/trying something can be. Daily it inspires me to be a better teacher.  

I know this isn't a very Wordless Wednesday, so sorry Christina, but I DO have a question for you.

Do you have anything in your classroom, a picture, quote, or a special memento, that inspires you to be a better teacher?


  1. I have a framed picture of a former student (he gave it to me when he left my class) who was my biggest challenge. He came to kindergarten with NO SKILLS (did not respond to his name when said verbally, his answer to every question was "no" and he was afraid of the mulch on the playground!). Seeing his picture reminds me everyday of the hard work it took to get him to where he is today (he passed the third grade OAA!) and that all my kiddos can achieve great things!

    A Very Curious Class

  2. I totally can relate to your story! I took a Zumba class and felt totally out of place and lost. It definitely gave me a better understanding of my students!

  3. First, I really like that painting, although I can totally understand your frustration! I get so upset when I feel like I'm failing at something and then only get negative remarks with no help. I love your idea of hanging it as a reminder.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late

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