Monday, July 15, 2013

Revised Back to School Products Flash Sale

Hey friends! Just a quick little post before I head in to school to unpack for a little bit.  I moved classrooms, again, this year.  Luckily I'm departmentalized this year, so I only have to unpack half the amount of stuff.  :)

I've been working the past few days on updating some of my favorite back to school products. I wanted to give them a new fresh look before the new year started.   You can check out the original post links to read about how I use these products in my classroom.

Now I am focusing my attention on my spelling contracts through the year file, woohoo I know you've been waiting.  Thanks for your patience! To celebrate, I'm throwing a little flash sale on these products! :) 

If you already own these items, please log into TpT and redownload the changes from your My Purchases tab. :)  Click on each indvidual product's picture to check them on TpT! 

I'll be back tomorrow with updated pictures of my room!



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