Monday, May 6, 2013

Fabulous Feedback Link Up and Teacher Appreciation Sale

Are you guys SO excited for Tuesday and Wednesday? I know I am because it's TpT's Teacher Appreciation Sale! TpT is taking an additional 10% off any stores' sale price.  My store will be 20% off.  Click here or on the sales graphic below to check out my store.
Thanks so much much to the sweet Beth of Zip A Dee Do Dah Designs for the adorable graphic.

Some of my favorite teacher blogging friends are joining forces for a super fun link up highlighting some of our favorite products, with a twist! :) 

Click on the image above to check out the Fabulous Feedback posts from some of my dear blogging buddies! 
We are highlighting some of our favorite products with a special twist.  Below are images for three of my favorite products and some of the fabulous feedback that I have received from my fabulous customers.  Guess what? If I highlighted your feedback, you get a FREE item of your choosing from my TPT store, just email me at if I did, I just ask that you be honest. :) 

One of my favorite products is my Fabulous Back to School Fun pack.  Although this school year isn't quite over, my mind has been thinking a little bit about next year too! I love, love, love building community with my students at the beginning of the year and getting to know my students before the pressure of the curriculum starts. :) 

Click on the link or picture above to check it out on TpT. :) 

One of my goals as a teacher this year was to improve my students' fluency.  Many of my students were far below grade level in fluency this year, so we've played lots and lots of fluency games but Straight A's is probably my kiddos' favorite. They love the dog ate your homework cards, they always make them giggle.  
Click on the link or picture above to check it out on TpT. 

Another favorite product of mine is my end of the year memory books. :)  I have them for second, third, and fourth grade.  Last year my second graders loved filling them out and they were the perfect way to fill some of those awkward empty spaces during the end of the year.  Plus it makes a great memento of your class' year together.

Click on the links above or here, second, third, and fourth, to check them out on TpT. 

Also, lots of you have asked for school themed roll and covers, and I am happy to say they are available! :) Click on the link or picture below to check them out on TpT.


Check all my fabulous friends' posts below and see if your fabulous feedback made you a winner! :) 


  1. I love all of these products, Lisa. And...just threw the School Theme roll and cover in my cart! Happy Teacher Appreciation!


    Fun in Room 4B


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