Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Place Value to the Hundred Millions Daily Review

Oh my word ya'll.  We're currently studying place value.  To the hundred millions.  It's scary at times because those numbers are big, not easily represented with manipulitives, and well...big. 

We are trucking along, slowly, but after reviewing some of my formative assessments, I could clearly see my whole class could benefit from a targeted daily review.  I used to do a fully blown math meeting a l a Hope King last year when I taught second grade, it was perfect for filling gaps/holes.  However, this year our schedule doesn't really allow for a full blown meeting, but my kiddos DO need a targeted math review of concepts daily.  

So last night, I created four weekly reviews that cover all of our key place value standards.  

These are perfect for bell work, morning work, or homework.  I sent one home today as part of my kiddos weekly homework and have my kiddos work on each day's problem/skill when they come back in from recess.  We started today and we loved it! Quick enough that we can get started on math quickly but still meaty enough that it makes a big difference. :)   Here's a little sneak peak. :)

This daily four week review is available in both of my stores. 

Want to win a copy?  You can! The first person who leaves a comment that correctly guesses how many years I've been teaching wins their very own copy! :)  Don't forget your email address!


  1. Six years? This looks amazing!


  2. Hi friend! This unit looks amazing and I wish we both still taught second grade because I love all of your stuff and you are amazing!!!! :-) Have a great night!!!!

  3. Hmmm ... maybe nine years?
    This looks awesome! I hate that the numbers are too big to reasonably use manipulatives! In the Investigations curriculum, they suggest working together as a class to make a hundred thousand out of hundreds by making a book or using a wall. I didn't try it with kiddos yet, but I might. We'll see.

    A Place to Thrive

  4. I guess lucky number 8.. Years of teaching . 4th graders in my room are starting place value this week

  5. I am going to guess 13 years. My email is lanageren@yahoo.com. This would be perfect, my 4th graders are up to billions! Yikes!

  6. You have taught 5 years and this marks your 6th year of teaching. This looks like an amazing resource...love the Pixar reference. I used to teach for Disney!

  7. This is a great idea for daily practice!


  8. I am going to guess 18 years. (I'm sorry if you are much younger!) I'd also like to invite you to my new linky called "Fun Friday." It is all about the fun things we do in our classrooms to teach our children. I'd love for you to stop by and link up!

    Teaching Fourth

  9. No one said 11 yet so I will go with that :) praying I win!! And also, so glad I found you because I also taught grades 2,3, and 4 :) this is my first year in fourth!! Hope you can come see my blog sometime too:)


  10. Your items and ideas are great! I linked up one of your products on my blog's 10 Weekly Teacher Finds! Check it out :)
    Take a Walk on the Teaching Side

    My Teachers Pay Teachers Store

  11. I'll venture 5 years and 1 month.
    Hope I get it right..

    A zillion thanks, Lisa!
    I've been surfing your resources all day and have gleaned many ideas to teach my pupils who're at the bottom of the lot in their level. And they'll soon be preparing for their National examinations soon enough so I really have to get them up to speed. They're responding with curiosity now, at least!
    Thanks, once again..
    Doreen C.M. Tan

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