Monday, March 5, 2012

March Currently

Can ya'll believe that it is March? I can't!  Although it did snow today.  I mean I had to scrape my car off and everything and then I got all mad because I believe if it snows, it needs to snow enough for a snow day.  Yeah, that didn't happen. 

Again, Farley is hosting her beloved Currently Linky party for March and I was so excited to join in the fun.  :) 

 I will say that I cheated and googled adjectives with P to help with the three words.  Most of the time my students think I'm patient, I think my friends think I'm pleasant to be around, and my family would probably say I'm a pretty passionate person.  

Thanks again for hosting, Farley!  Click {here} to check to get in on the fun!

Treasure friends, I worked super, duper hard and finally finished my leveled reader pack for Dig, Wait, Listen.  I'm paying for all that hard work today, so so so tired. 

Even even if you don't use Treasures, I think most of you can use the preview file from this item, a graphic organizer for problem and solution.  

 Click on any of the images to check out the listing on Teachers Pay Teachers. :)

Have an awesome night! I'm off to bake some cookies, my father in law is coming over for dinner tonight!


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  2. I am so ready for the snow to be gone, too!!! ARGH



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